Skills Needed For Becoming Machine Learning Engineer in 2021

Machine Learning jobs are one of the much demanding jobs in 2021. In this beautiful era of automation and artificial intelligence, most of the companies, businesses are trying to improve their performances using machine learning. It was about just making ML models and running them. But now many skills are need apart from those old skills. But becoming a Machine Learning engineer is not easy as it looks. Skills for becoming machine learning engineer are as follows:-

  1. Programming Languages (Python, R)
  2. Mathematics and Statistics
  3. Data Modelling and Evaluation
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Aws and Web Scrapping (Much Needed Now-a-days)

Working as a Machine Learning engineer in industries is about using statistical knowledge combined with engineering and programming skills to solve a problem and provide approriate outputs to help towards the growth. For example, most of the netflix users binge watch or complete the series/show/movie which was recommended by netflix recommender in-app. The machine learning algorithm is built in such a way that user will watch it. Skills needed for becoming machine learning have evolved over the time.


Programming Languages

The programming language to choose for machine learning is very important. As it will define various factors like Speed, Effectiveness, Compatibility, etc. Python is considered as one of best language for machine learning. The various libraries and Frameworks are supported. This helps the work easier in Python.

R is the second language prefered. It is more of a statistical language. Beacause of it, R is considered great for Machine Learning Language.

Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics are pretty important skill for becoming Machine Learning engineer. The Topic which are important are Probability, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Hypothesis, Skewness and Kurtosis, etc.

Data Modelling

Data Modelling is essential skill for becoming machine learning engineer. As mentioned above about the netflix recommender, it is also called a machine learning model. A Machine learning model is basically a model made using data and applying statistical learning on it to get informative outputs.

Data Evaluation

The method of data assessment decides whether data can be used for calculating risk estimates. Data that are still unusable to measure risk estimates may provide useful information to evaluate the distribution. A distribution describes the likelihood or probability of any potential value.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is data inspection, cleaning, transformation and modeling process aimed at discovering useful information, reporting conclusions and promoting decision-making.

Aws and Web Scrapping

ML was almost never a pure ML. There will be and were some stacks and frameworks which are needed to develop and deploy ML models.

Learning Docker and Flask frame work. Web scrapping using systems like AWS and other clouds are necessary.

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The machine learning has been evolved with requirement of new technologies combined with it. Learn it. Practice it. Implement it. Because that is all needed. Develop those skills using courses and training. Many courses was made for gaining these skills. Few of them were from coursera, udemy, etc. Explore them and take one according to you. Artificial Intelligence is the future. But this also gives Machine Learning a edge bacause it is its subset. These tips was beneficial in becoming Ml engineer. These are still valid with the last tips needed much more. These skills are much needed for ML. Master them as soon as possible. These are also good for data science. These skills are more than efficient in 2021. ML jobs are expected to increase in future. This will be one of sexiest job in 2021.

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