What is Artificial Intelligence?

Unlike the natural intelligence exhibited by humans and animals, artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by computers. The field is described by leading AI textbooks as the study of “intelligent agents”: any system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximise its chance of achieving its objectives successfully. AI is lot more for automating stuff and easing the livelihood. The Future of Artificial Intelligence is brighter and has various opportunities, such as jobs, research.

Future of Artificial Intelligence

In 2021, Artificial Intelligence will create millions of jobs. It will also eliminate many jobs by automating their tasks. The Use of AI will be increased in 2021 in day-to-day tasks. Companies are investing for research and advancements in AI world. With Machine learning included it can create lot of jobs for Machine Learning engineers. 

Artificial Intelligence will deeply affect other fields by improvising their work. This will Affect the individuals and enterprise intensively in both positve and negatively. Future of Aritificial Intelligence depends mostly on Mathematics and Statistics.

Automation In Transportation

We all have heard about the Tesla cars. Elon Musk is developing and automating Tesla to next level by implementing AI in them. Uber also have started the implementation of AI in their Taxi services. The Self-Driving cars have increased and their popularity will be top notched in the future. In Future, many transportation service will become automated. Like Public Buses, Trains will be improvised in the near future. This is the future of Artificial Intelligence.

Future of Aritificial Intelligence in Simplifying The Future

The Artificial Intelligence will enhance the Work Environment. It will make it simplier. This will help in increasing the productivity. The example of it would be Voice assistants, Alexa, Google Assistant. This will help in different ways; Searching someting on internet, handling the light, fans and various devices rather than doing it physically.

Risk of Losing Jobs

Yes, as predicted and said, People will loose jobs because of AI. When a movie requires a height shot, a helicopter and camera man was required. But now a drone has replaced it. This shows a drone has eliminated 2 persons jobs. But this has also created jobs for drone maintenance. So jobs would also be created in this process.


Gaming and AR/VR Gaming

With the help of both Technologies thier will be massive growth in gaming industries. Ar/Vr gaming experience can change completely by AI. Currently the VR gaming is at boost. Such as Zero Latency Gaming centre. AR games like Pokemon go have created craze.

Growth in Voice Assistants and Personal Assistant

With increase in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, These fields are growing immensively. The examples of it are Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, etc. Most of these technology are at base stage. Most of us would have heard about Jarvis from Iron man; Tony Starks personal AI assistant. It is so advanced that it could handle spaceships, satellite even biggest business. This field will grow extensively to that level with help of AI.

Amazon Alexa


The Future of Artificial Intelligence is enormous. Many opportunites are available. The level for improvement is higher. Machine Learning and data science (its subsets); These field also have create scope in future. So the Future will enlighted and fully equiped with Artificial Intelligence systems and devices. This growth in AI will make coding and programming essential need of this coming decade.

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